Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cobwebs and pearls

As I mentioned yesterday, I am going to Christchurch soon for a visit. While I am there I will be teaching a workshop to my old friends at the Calligraphy Society and I have been working very hard on the projects we'll be doing. I don't want to spoil it for them and show you all the GORJUS goodies now, but here's a couple of sneak peeks at what I have in store for them ...

Dusted quite a few cobwebs off my calligraphy skills for this one ... it has been a while! I bet the clever ones among you can guess which Tilda I've used!

Some classic elegance in this lovely set, which come in a super GORJUS container!

Well, enough of a spoiler! I'm off to browse the new Spring mini catalogue ready for pre-ordering tomorrow - one of the many perks of being a demo, te he! Thanks for dropping by.


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Lynda S said...

Sneaky aren't cha?? I lurve your calligraphy...to the utter novice...it looks like no cobwebs were harmed in the forming of this project!!! Where do your talents end lady?? :)

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