Sunday, July 19, 2009

Low SU content warning

If you are an SU only person, you may want to skip today's post; there is not much SU here.

Today's cards are some more goodies we are making at a second workshop while I am here in Christchurch. The hostess specifically requested a Magnolia card, so I made two alternative samples. I can't decide if I like the pink or the blue best!

We are decorating the inside too (much to the delight of my DD17, who ALWAYS opens my cards to see what's inside!)

Thanks for dropping by. More goodies tomorrow if you care to come take a look!


Lynda S said...

Both are beautiful Kez. I just popped over to Debbie P's blog and discovered the existance of a SANTA Magnolia!!! I love the blue tones slightly better....but missy 5 has given u MASSIVE thumbs up for the pink toned one. Hope ur having fun and ur not too cold.

Bec said...

Oh Kerry, these cards are just so beautiful.. Love the paper piecing too with their clothes.. Bec xx

Cheryl Joshua said...

Gorgeous,Love the papers and your paper piecing!!!

anne (lana lady member) said...

Hi Kerry,

Are you thawed out yet !! I love them both, the layered borders look really effective.

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