Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Alcohol Explained

I had planned to show you another alcohol ink technique card, but sickness and other things have gotten in the way, so hopefully I'll get it finished soon. Meanwhile, many thanks for your comments this month (last chance tomorrow to be in for the blog candy win) and here's the two ways I know to do the alcohol cards. No matter what kind of equipment you use, you will need gloss card.

Method 1 - Using the stuff you buy:
  • alcohol inks
  • blending solution
  • blender tool and pads
  • gloss cardstock

Attach the cotton pad to the tool (velcro holds it on); apply a few drops of 2-3 ink colours; stamp on to gloss cardstock in a random manner. You can add a drop or two of blending solution to the cotton pad to create different effects.

Method 2 - Using household bits you probably already have:

  • gloves (to keep your hands clean)
  • cotton wool balls
  • Isocol or similar alcohol
  • re-inkers
  • gloss cardstock

While wearing the gloves, wet the cotton wool balls with alcohol and squeeze out. Apply a drop or two each of 2-3 re-inkers, stamp on gloss cardstock in a random manner.

With either method, it's a hit and miss operation. You can never get the same result twice - sometimes that's good and sometimes not so good! But it's lots of fun trying! Hope you have fun trying this method.




Lynda S said...

So sorry to hear that ur under the weather Kez!!! Not nice. Hops all is back to usual programming soon.
Ta for the heads up on the alcohol techniques. Off to the gunna file for when things take a breather.....sometime this century!!LOL!! Please take care of urself lass.ooxx

Karyn I said...

Thanks for this tutorial. I cant wait to give it a try!
sorry to hear that you have been unwell.

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