Friday, September 11, 2009

Forgive Me Stampers, For I Have Sinned

The inimitable Jan Tink has a great expression I love - Rubbah-dultery - which means "Being unfaithful to my Stampin' Up! stamps". And you know, it does kinda feel like that when I use non SU stamps and other supplies! Which is kinda silly, but there ya go!

Well, this week I committed not only Rubbah-dultery but also Paper-dultery. By that I mean I have been unfaithful to my beloved SU watercolour paper, but in my defence it wasn't exactly on purpose! See what happened is simply a case of CRASS STUPIDITY on my part: I have been so distracted by other things happening around here that I completely forgot to check supplies of things for my SAS on Sunday and then to my absolute HORROR discovered that I had run out of watercolour paper. OMG!

And what is a girl to do when she needs said WP for her class and knows that an order placed on a Wednesday arvo ain't gonna arrive before the weekend, no way, no how??!! She rings a fellow demo not too far away first off and when that doesn't work (how can anyone not have watercolour paper? the mind boggles!) she goes to an art supply store and buys something as similar as she can get, is what!

I am prepared to do penance. I'll say a few "Hail Shelli"s and abstain from watercolouring for a whole day (have to go to work anyways, he he!) but PLEASE don't make me give up the WP - you know how much I ADORE watercolouring and it just would not be fair to deprive my lovely class members from the joy and bliss of colouring their cards ...

That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! See ya!



Lynda S said...

Hell girlfriend...if that's ur only sin....u still have ur wings well and truly attached. U favour of ur saintly mantle....u undeed helped me out at a time of need with a WP crisis..and I can only imagine all the other WONDERFUL things, RAK's etc that u have done for others. i'd bet that they are 'penance' enuf for this one minor faux pas!!

erindale03 said...


Karyn I said...

Its not your fault. these stamps are so cute. I love your colouring!

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