Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Window Window Card

It appeals greatly to my very warped sense of humour (had it all my life; don't need a 12-step programme, I rather enjoy it!) that today's card, which is a window card, should also feature a picture of a window. OK, I never said it wasn't lame, did I, just that it appealed to me! :)

Created by Kez. Stamped images © 1990-2009 Stampin' Up! ®

I have long meant to make another card using the window from the aptly named Window Dressing set and today was the day when I finally did. It took a great deal of fiddly cutting out, so luckily I was in a patient frame of mind! (I've just noticed I made a pun there. Unintentional. But a good one, huh?!!) Take a lookie - here's the front:

And on the inside:

I tried to think of how I could get some decorations and tinsel etc on the tree, but it was far too much of a brain drain after all that cutting! So the tree is bare. Still, there are plenty of pressies underneath and that's the important thing!!! LOL!

Well, I think I've inflicted enough of my humour on you for one post! I hope the very brave ones among you will be back for more another day!



Cheryl said...

Very cute,love what you have done with the Window Dressing set!!!

Kirrily said...

That is so cute Kerry love it!

Lynda S said...

Too cute!! U have done such a spirited job with this one. Sorry it was such a pane (lol) to cut!! it's presence is amazing (sorry bout that one..(hee hee hee). Well done.

Kim Tonnet said...

That is way cool Kez, I just love your work. Luv KimT

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