Thursday, January 28, 2010

Red Letter Day

What a day! No card to show, just some exciting news to share.

DD11 had her first day at high school (and is colour coding her timetable as we speak! LOL) and thankfully really enjoyed it. Here's a photo of my baby in her brand new uniform - and of course, one of the cats had to get in on the photo op!

Then during the day DD17 mercifully received an offer from a residential college for uni, so after a worrying few days, she is settled. In to the uni course she wanted (she's off to Melbourne) and now has somewhere to live, so that is a great load off our minds.
Celebrating tonight! LOL! Hope your day has been just as exciting, thanks for dropping by.


Cheryl said...

So glad your DD's are organised and happy!!! My DD also had a wonderful first day at High School.It is a load off our minds,now we can get serious with

Lynda said...

Let DD11 know she rocks her uniform and I am so v v happy that DD17 has a roof over her head so that her mind can expand. A happy Kez is a creative Kez! the cat's 'tude...putting it's best side to the camera!! ooxx

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