Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm Stylish?

I received the following award yesterday from the lovely Andrea L over at EnchantInk - thanks sooooo much Andrea, it means a lot to receive this from someone so talented.

The conditions that go with the award are that I:
  • thank and link the person who gave it to me (done)
  • share 8 things about myself (oh dear, boooooorrring!)
  • pass it on to 8 others
  • let them know about the award
Hmmmm, so OK, 8 things about myself. 
  1. I am addicted to chocolate and coke zero (who isn't?)
  2. The only nuts I like are salted peanuts and cashews (and my DH! LOL!)
  3. I've been to Disneyland twice and would happily go again (inner child, you know!)
  4. I didn't get married until I was 29 and had my first child at 32 (if you can add, you'll know my age now ... ah well)
  5. I am and always have been totally useless at science and geography (yup, totally)
  6. I am long sighted and my right eye is 8 times more long sighted than my left (go figure)
  7. My favourite books are the Cross Stitch series by Diana Gabaldon (read them all heaps of times)
  8. I used to teach typing in the days when we still used manual typewriters (many of you will not even know what those are .... )
Now to pass this award on, I am happy to nominate:
Lovely ladies all, with talents in so many areas. Please visit them and enjoy their creations.

Thanks again Andrea and have a lovely day everyone. I'll be back tomorrow with a year of cards in review!



Lynda said...

Ta chook......doing what I need to do the added tagging from Andrea!! Appreciate being called it is something NEVER usually associated with me!! ooxx

Patrice said...

You are so sweet - thank you! I see I am in good company too :o) which is a lovely compliment.

Now to come up with 8 somewhat interesting things about myself....hmmmmm

Heather T said...

Thank you for the award, Kerry. I certainly appreciate the compliment and will enjoy checking out the other recipients.

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Giggle ... it was so much fun reading all about you! I sometimes hesitate passing on awards ... because some bloggers find them annoying ... but this one is fab ... because I have learnt so much about my blog friends by reading their responses! Thanks for sharing all this info ... makes me feel like I know you better! Hugs xxaxx