Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kia Ora

Happy Waitangi Day to any and all Kiwis out there! Today is New Zealand's national day and here in Aus we ex-pats celebrate too. We're having a BBQ around the pool - what better way to spend a Sunday?

Of course I had to make a card for the occasion and as I did an owl card for Australia Day, I thought I'd have a go at a Kiwi-flavoured owl card too. My first thought was sheep, naturally (ROFLOL!!!!), but nah, too obvious! Then I thought a character like Fred Dagg or Wal from Footrot Flats (who look ALOT alike!) ... but they looked too much like my Ozzie Owl.

So in the end I've gone with this:

These are my representations:
  • an English owl and a Maori owl together - the two peoples of NZ
  • a long white cloud - the Maori name for NZ is Aotearoa, usually translated as Land of the Long White Cloud
  • silver ferns on the black lettering - the silver fern is the symbol of NZ and black is often used by national sporting teams
  • the greeting Kia Ora means be well/be healthy and is pretty much used as "hi!".
Hope you like it - especially if you're a fellow Kiwi!!

Thanks for calling in today. Have a great weekend.



Lynda said...

Geez does it feel to be bursting with talent??? This is so clever it ain't funny. You have incorporated all the elements of NZ so cleverly in this card and I love the breast of the NZ owl. (afterthought...the British owl cld be Tim Brooke-Taylor fm the Goodies....he always wore Union Jack Attire!!). A "Choice" card darl'n and so wonderfully done. ooxx

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Lynda ... u r showing your age "The Goodies"!!!!! Can't say I ever watched them! But ... you are right ... Kez is soooo bursting with talent! If ever I am looking for an owl idea ... this will be my first stop! Hugs xxaxx

Ann Conn said...

I visit your blog from Houston, Texas. I just wanted to comment on the delightful Kiwi Card! I really enjoyed the description of the cards elements. Great information. I loved it. Thanks for posting.