Monday, March 14, 2011


I have an evil elf living at my place. His name is Dagnabbit.

This elf sits quietly while I measure and cut my layers of card, he does nothing at all while I sit each layer on top of the next to make sure they're even and fit nicely, then just when I think all will be well and everything will go on straight, he makes sure that when I get to the all-important sticking down stage, things go crooked! I don't know how he does it, but it frustrates the heck out of me and I call his name out quite loudly (and sometimes other words too!).

I think he may have some brothers out there living with some of you.

I wanted to make a Thinking of You card for one of my customers whose son is ill and I saw a lovely card by Adriel Hong that inspired me. She used the hostess set 'Because I Care' which I have had for some time but have to admit to not even having mounted, let alone used. (And NO, that is definitely NOT a sign that I have too many stamps!)

It's quite a different style for me and I'm not completely sure about it, so if I don't get any encouraging comments I'll know to not bother trying that again, LOL!!! Here it is in all it's Dagnabbit glory:

I've used cherry cobbler, very vanilla and early espresso with crumb cake for sponging. Sounds like a menu - maybe if I feed it to Dagnabbit he'll let me get something straight next time ...

Thanks for dropping in.



Monique said...

I have one of those little elves that sits on my desk, in fact he almost rolled off last week because he was laughing so hard at me covered in glue while I was making a 3D flower! but that is another story!

I quite like this card, it reminds me of those puzzles where you have to slide the pieces around to make the picture, then I realised that your pieces didn't fit together! So for me I would probably do a similar card but cut the squares out of one stamped image. If I didn't know the stamp I think it looks good.

Paula said...

Oh Kez - My elf is called "Godammit" - they must surely be related!!
I so hear you, they are wiley little guys, eh?
I happen to love this card though! The colours are gorgeous, your sponging a delight. Nice job.

Juliette Chapman said...

I think Dagnabbit also resides at my place - but he has an evil twin called "Bugger" as well!!! Love the sponging on the card adds depth without extra layers.

Carla Bazhenow said...

I have that same elf!!! I absolutely love your card. I think its fabulous and I love those colors. Hugs,

Linda said...

I think it works nicely.

Lynda said...

The cousins and in-laws live here...sometimes they assume a human form - that of my hubby and kids....but "Nuts" is a frequenter "Geez-Louise' is never far behind...with "Sheeeeeit" lurking in the shadows. Then there is the OS relative...Forgodsakeshuddap andlisten!!!! There is prob enough for a 7 dwarfs-like group...hee hee hee.
As for the rocks!! It makes people think when they look at it and that's always good. Wash your mouth out young lady...there is NO such thing as too many stamps...just those on high rotation and those for later on!! ooxx

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Very beautiful, Kez! Love the colours ... and the shading definitely makes it look like we are looking through a window! My dagnabbit is called "turkey-head"! I wonder if they are related??? Hugs xaxx

Diane Barnes said...

I really like this Kerry. Love how you've used the stamps in the layout & the rows of pearls add a very classy touch. Beautiful.
This could just make get my also unmounted & unused 'Because I Care' out to try it. Inky wishes, Di

Julie said...

looks brillant, dagnabbit has lots of helpers, his friend lives here as well


Kim Tonnet said...

Thumbs up from me for the card, and sympathies re. Dagnabbit. Would say more but Lynda's comment was so witty I couldn't top it. Luv KimT

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