Friday, March 4, 2011

Rollercoasters and Diggers

I have been riding such a rollercoaster of emotions since the earthquake in Christchurch last week. Some days life is normal; other days I feel so depressed and tears are never far beneath the surface. I can't read a newspaper article or see photos of Chch without crying. I found an article recently describing life post-quake in a suburban street - and was amazed to discover it was the street where we lived. It's here if you're interested in reading it. I simply can't imagine how the people who are living through this are coping emotionally and as for those who have lost loved ones ... well, I just don't know the words to adequately express my sorrow.

One thing that does help is the support and fellowship of friends, and I sincerely thank all of you who have left kind messages. Keeping busy is another help of course, and this week I have been finalising preparations for another Special Event for Australian troops serving in combat zones such as Afganistan, etc. You may remember that my wonderful customers and friends made over 350 Christmas cards for the troops last year; on Sunday we will be making Mother's Day cards to send so our Diggers can send them home.

Here are the cards I've prepared. They have been kept simple as we are making them like a Stamp-a-Stack and I'm hoping we'll get 200 completed. Most of the materials were generously donated by Stampin' Up!

I'm looking forward to a fun day for a very worthy cause.

I'll be back later today with the winners of the blog candy. Thanks for stopping by.



Patrice said...

Oh Kerry I feel exactly the same on a day to day basis lately. I am so sad about Chch, and so fortunate not to have lost any family or close friends. To hear my sister now is heart breaking, she sounds more defeated as each day passes and I can't imagine having to rebuild my life the way so many over there do now.

Your mothers day cards are gorgeous. I hope you get the 200 made plus some :o)

Lynda said...

So looking fwd to Sunday...if it's half as much fun as the Chrissy one was....were in for a FABBO time. Hugs will be freely avail if you so require them darl. Love these cards.....2 more sleeps!! ooxx

Cheryl said...

Oh it is such a sad time and it upsets me everytime I see it......I can't imagine how you must be feeling!!! Your cards are GORGEOUS and will be much appreciated!!
Take care

MicheyMoo said...

Lovely Mother's Day cards Kez. They seem simple to us cardmakers but as the daughter and sister of active servicemen, I can honestly tell you each and every one of them will appreciate having something they can send home and they will seem like the most amazing cards in the whole world.

And I understand how you are feeling about Chch. The devastation is so overwhelming. I was home in Toowoomba in January visiting family and friends when the floods ripped through and the scale of destruction is so vast it's staggering. How I wish I could be up there with them still helping and holding. They are entering the really tough days now, the cleanup is done and now my family are waiting, along with thousands of others, for the rebuilding work to begin. There is just sooooo much that needs to be done. I can't imagine how you work out who's house to start on.
But us ANZACs are tough folk, some days are particularly hard and heartbreaking, but you just face those days when they come and put one foot in front of the other.
Bless you for all the help you have been providing to those in need. xx

Carla Bazhenow said...

My heart is with you Kez! I hope knowing others care, can lift your spirits a bit.

Your Mothers Day cards are beautiful!!! They will be so greatly appreciated. You are a gem!!!


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