Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Lure of the Cocoa Bean

DD12 and I had a wonderful weekend away in Melbourne visiting DD19, who was directing a big fundraising show at her uni college. We had a fabulous night at the dinner and show, which had a 1920s murder mystery theme, and then I spent the best Mother's Day ever with my two darling girls. We dined and shopped and sampled some of the fun things Melbourne has to offer - and now DD12 wants to move down there too! Here's a photo of my two charmers outside Max Brenner, where we had stopped to have a hot chococlate/coffee as the weather was a touch cold and wet.

I couldn't resist adding this photo too, as it seems to sum things up quite succinctly ....

I hope all you mums out there had a wonderful Mother's Day too.

Back soon with some cards - thanks for stopping by.


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Lynda said...

So glad you had such a speccy Mother's day. the DD's look all luved up down in the cold. My sis swears by the Max Brenner shop in Syd...may have to investigate one day!! Do they do no sugar?? (wink!!) Hope you are warm and toasty. ooxx PS...let the gals know they look FAB!!!

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