Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Own Little Troopers

Well, today was such a busy and fun afternoon as we made 250 Christmas cards to send off to our troops in Afganistan, Iraq, etc. Here's a photo of my own "little troopers" who so happily gave their time and effort to do this small service for our Diggers:

We got our cards finished in less than 4 hours even though we took some time off for a scrumptious afternoon tea, so they all got an "early mark" - that's why they look so happy, LOL!

My thanks again to you all, ladies, and congrats to Jean and Jane who won raffle prizes. Have fun with all those goodies!


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Lynda said...

I had to have a wee chuckle at this pic darl....cause after ALL of the bagging an cajolling.....Robyn is still obscured....and this was her chance....hee hee hee!!! Was a fab day and such goof fun. ooxx

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