Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Full Table

(Not to be confused with The Full Monty! LOL!)

I hope you all had a wonderful Xmas Day; I know we did. The girls slept in, so we didn't get disturbed until 8 am - a record! After the loot opening it was time to prepare our portions of the menu and then of course the mad rush to gather up everything and out the door to my SIL's house, where the table was all set and ready for us.

Here's a photo of our Christmas table complete with all the decos I made and showed you in an earlier post:

Doesn't it look pretty? Makes it worth all the frantic rush to get everything made on time! I am determined every year to be better organised earlier the next year ... but it never happens. They are right when they say the time passes more quickly the older you get - so next year I'd better start my table decorations in April!!!

Some card making soon, I hope, to show you, as I have a couple of birthdays this week to prepare for. Thanks for stopping by.


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Lynda said...

Soon as you wk out the ;better organised' component lemme know. I was still completing gifts in the wee small hrs of Chrissy AM. Your table looks delish and congrats on earning the sleep in. All the effort was definitely worth it. ooxx

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