Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oh The Irony

(This post is completely non craft related, just me doing a little rant and relating a completely ironic story which may or may not tickle your funny bone. You have been warned.)

Any of you who live on the east coast of NSW will know that the weather (so far) this summer has been totally crappy. Seriously, worst summer since we moved here 14 years ago.

Not many days of sunshine, just seemingly endless grey, gloomy skies and rain ... rain ... and more rain. So much so in fact that I could seriously start to believe that I am in the UK. (I hope that doesn't offend any visitors from said Kingdom, but you guys have got to admit that your weather sucks. I have spent enough months in England, Scotland and Ireland to know that this is so.)

DD19's boyfriend was in Perth last week. He rang her one day to say he was at the beach and it was 46 degrees Celsius. Did he bring any of that nice warmth and SUNSHINE back with him? No, he jolly well did not. On the night she went to collect him from the airport it was ... well, surprise, surprise - raining.

Today has been another case in point. Gloomy. Raining.

This evening I went to see my doctor and after looking at my last blood test results, she gave me some interesting news ...



Now I am absolutely certain that somewhere in this vast country - not to mention in other parts of the globe - there are people who would dearly love some of our rain, who are crying out for rain in fact, because they are in drought. SOMEBODY has got to organise the weather better and spread this stuff where it is needed and NOT HERE where it damned well isn't!


Just saying.



sharon said...

Love it Kerry!! I can relate.....although many of our kids are low in D too because of their OTT application of the sunsafe message.....ah another irony I guess LOL....

Lynda said...

Know you are not alone gorjus gal. There are many like you that have fallen victim to this scurge. I cannot recall having such crappy weather for such a long period....as well as having suc extremes within one day!!!. Cld it be...that things will just be belated???

Andrea said...

Hi there Kez, I have a visitors room now and am going through all this HEAT here in Perth so would love to have you come and get some of that vitamin D that you need. We could even do some stamping...lol

Leslie Hanna said...

Same thing happened here in the US last summer. Texas was on fire and we on the East Coast were flooded, literally. I wanted to tilt the country so some of the run-off would make it to Texas. CRAZY STUFF!

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