Monday, February 13, 2012

A Taste of Bridget Jones

Warning: non craft related content may disturb some people.

DD19 was making vegetable soup for dinner earlier this evening when she suddenly announced that we might have a "bit of a Bridget Jones moment here mum". I searched my brain to work out what part of the movie she was referring to - were there going to be two men coming over and fighting for her hand? Would we be serving mini gherkins? Was she afraid of dying and alsatians eating her body? There were far too many golden BJ moments to choose from!

No, it turned out she was referring to the blue soup incident, except in our case it was purple soup. Upon asking what had turned the soup purple, I was told it was the carrot. Carrot? I was having serious concerns over her mental wellbeing when she informed a very startled - and very sceptical - DD13 and I that carrots used to be purple but had been bred to be orange.

Now, much as I love my daughter, and even though I had some evidence before me in the case of what certainly appeared to be a purple carrot top - and indeed, purple soup - I just had to hotfoot it to my trusty computer and consult the expertise of my friend Google. And sure enough, it transpires that yes, carrots used to be purple! I know! I was poleaxed too!

Here's a photo of some purple carrots and our purple soup - which was delicious, of course!

The only disappointing thing about our purple soup adventure is that we didn't get to have Colin Firth come over for dinner. Now that's yum!

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TRACEY said...

oh i needed a giggle tonight kez, and thanks for the heads up on the carrots. I know its been 30 years since i finished school but i certainly dont remember being told about purple carrots being made orange.

Cheers Trace.

Lynda said...

Another fun fact abt purple carrots Kerry...they are apparently excessively rich in antioxidants and are brillint for you is the occasional dose of Colin mind you!! Ta for making me giggle re the blue soup debarcle...and ur many FAB moments in BJ to choose fm!! ooxx

Shari Nelson said...

Love your story and Bridgett Jones too. Too bad you didn't get Colin Firth over to eat dinner with ya!

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