Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Birthday Surprise

DD13 has been making lots of delicious cupcakes lately and selling them at school to fundraise for a school trip. They are incredibly yummy (a Donna Hay recipe) and she pipes on the icing and they look sooooooo cute! Here's a photo of some she made last week:

GOR-JUSS! She has serious talent as a cupcake maker and I think I'll have to commission some for my next class so my ladies can try these. Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, mmmm!

So, anyways, as it's my birthday today (another year younger!) I asked her to make me some. She was just about to begin baking when we were interrupted by the arrival of a lovely birthday surprise - DD19! She was due to come home tomorrow - or so I thought - but didn't want to miss my birthday and arranged a secret arrival. It was the loveliest surprise a mum can get and I'm more than happy to miss out on my cupcakes to have her here.

Hope all you mums out there are having lovely times with your children too.

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Christine Blain said...

Aw, cupcakes AND both girls home - lovely! Happy birthday, Kez.

Elaine said...

How lovely that your daughter came home for your birthday it must have been a wonderful surprise.
Those cakes look scrumptious !!
Happy Belated birthday from me Kerry Hugs Elaine

Paula said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kez ♥ How lucky are you to have two such thoughtful daughters? I hope you had a wonderful day, my friend!

Lynda said...

Many happy returns Keyyr. How wonderful to have DD13 create culinary excellence and DD19 do a secret squirrel!!!! I hope something small and cobbleresque turned up in ur mailbox on time?? Tell DD13 the cupcakes look AMAZING!!!

Helen said...

Happy Birthday, Kez, what a fantastic surprise arrival. Those cupcakes look scrummmmmmy! Helen C

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Kez, Hope you are having a wonderful day.

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