Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Totally Non Craft Related Ramble

I love reading the ramblings of Lydia over at understandblue and this post in particular struck a chord with me. As someone who used to teach customer service to TAFE students, I always thought perhaps I am a little fussy about the service I receive, but after reading Lydia's blog post I have decided I am just a human that likes to be treated as such.

In the spirit of Lydia's post I thought I'd take a moment to praise places where I get good customer service. Unfortunately, there's not many that I can think of. One that comes to mind is our local pharmacist/chemist. The pharmacist (Philip) knows my name and what medications I take without me having to remind him; he knows that DD13 is a type 1 diabetic and he always asks how she is doing and shows interest in insulin pump therapy. He tells me about any new products that are available that might interest us and he even once gave us a free blood test monitor out of the blue. So I've made a point of getting to know a little about him and his family so I can ask after them too. We're all fellow humans after all, right?

The local Gloria Jeans used to be on my list before they changed hands. The staff knew me by sight and knew my regular order - they would have it rung up on the register as soon as they saw me come in! How could that not make you feel good?

Our local general store is pretty good too. If you are 20c or 50c short they will say don't worry, pay me next time. And I always do. You want to reward great service like that, it doesn't come around nearly often enough.

Enough rambling - nothing craft related today, I'm afraid, I've been snowed under with marking assessments again. And I'm off to Brisbane this weekend so it may be next week before I get to craft again. Aaaargh!

I hope you have some great places that offer customer service to make you smile or feel good - feel free to share and thanks for dropping by.


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PMT~ Meg said...

We enjoy great customer service from our local Stampin' Up rep! You probably know her. :)

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