Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Melbourne Choco-lot!

On Sunday DD20 and I did a small chocolate tour of Melbourne. We didn't want to completely overdo it, so just kept to a few places. We began at Haigh's where DD tried a champagne truffle and I picked a lemon truffle. Both delicious, we then headed over to Laurent Patisserie to look at their amazing cakes. Drool had to be wiped off the glass!

We didn't indulge here but tried some chocs at Ganache, DD the elderflower and I tried grapefruit and ginger. Mmmmmmmm!

On our way to the next shop I spotted the street sign below which made me smile. Love the lights!

Our last stop was the Chokolait Hub where we had a hot chocolate drink; I stuck to white hot choc and DD tried chilli hot choc. The chilli was delicious but a little spicy for DD, who couldn't finish it but managed to polish off my white instead!

While we were in the city we HAD to call in to La Belle Miette and get some of their delicious macarons - some for our supper later and some for me to take home to the hungry folks left behind!

Then we caught the tram to Lygon Street and snuck in another movie - Hysteria this time. We were interested to see this as we saw the stage play it is based on a year or two ago and I am glad to report it was very entertaining. Too late for the art gallery now, we just went home for dinner.

Yesterday I flew home, sad to leave DD20 and the fun I'd had in Melbourne, but happy to be back in my own bed.

Coming soon, some crafting goodness!

Thanks for calling in.



Helen said...

Mmmmm .... chocolate!!! Nothing more to be said. Helen C

Lynda said...

Seiously Kez...I don't think I'd have enough Insulin to keep up with you and DD on that tour!!?? It does look decidedly decadent and delicious tho. Love Dame Edna PL....too funny. Wrapped that you had a fab time. ooxx