Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sometimes It's Hard To Be A Woman

Sometimes it's hard to be a woman.

Well, not just any woman but this woman specifically. Being me, that is.

You see, it all happened like this ...

... I was trying out an embossing technique I wanted to practice for an upcoming class. Admittedly, a few hours had elapsed since the time I had watched an instructional video and the time I was trying the technique .... so it's not wholly unexpected that I should forget something.

Unfortunately, it was a very important point that I forgot ... Suffice it to say that I realised way too late that the "sandwich" I was trying to push through my Big Shot was TOO THICK.

You guessed it. My Big Shot jammed, stuck harder than Pooh Bear in Rabbit's hole.

I stayed calm. (that's pretty amazing in itself, actually)

I tried reversing. No deal.

I took out all the screws I could find in hopes of loosening the mechanism. No deal.

I tried bashing the multipurpose platform with a hammer to push it back through the way it had come. (BTW, boy! that thing can take some punishment!) No deal.

I called on DD14, who is so much better than me at problem solving and thinking outside the square that she is impressive and scary at the same time. No deal.

So I had to wait for HOURS until DH came home. (I had to watch episodes of Suits to take my mind off my poor disabled Big Shot. It was tough, I tell ya!)

He took out all the screws. Huh!

He tried bashing the MPP with a hammer to push it back through. Well, OK, his muscle power is obviously much better than mine cos that worked for him!

However, the mechanism was still jammed.

He ended up dismantling the machine (which he calls my "press" cos maybe he thinks he's the only Big Shot around here, huh?) and thank goodness the man has some engineering knowledge, cos darn it if he didn't get it working again.


My baby was returned to me in full working order! OMG I was sooooooooo relieved!


No, you wouldn't be that silly, now would you?

Well, I spose if you've read down this far, you feel you deserve to see a card or something, huh? Yeah, OK, I'll give you that point. I can't show you the embossing technique one yet (can't let my class ladies peek too soon, ya know?) but here's one I made using the cute More Amore dsp and one of my favourite watercolouring sets.

Materials used:
  • stamps - Greeting Card Kids
  • card - primrose petals, raspberry ripple, pool party, watercolour, More Amore dsp, pool party patterned paper
  • other - pool party seam binding, square punch, Big Shot, designer frames E/F, dazzling details, sponge dauber, aqua painter, markers, dimensionals, sticky strip
  • non SU - rhinestone embellishment, bow tying machine

 Cased from Deb Currier.

Thanks for dropping in today.



Robyn P said...


I love your stories in general, but when you have a crisis, they are hilarious. Somehow, you manage to translate the drama and action into words so effectively that we share your frustration and then laugh with you as you work through the solutions.

I was interested to read that you were watching Suits. Great show,I found it by accident and love it. Shame they put it on tv so late.

kat said...

My electric Big Shot jammed last year and, as I browsed the pamphlet that came with my 'press', I discovered that, in the box somewhere, there was a TOOL that would solve the problem. Sure enough, following the instructions on the pamphlet, I unjammed it! Just thought I'd pass this info along for the next time. I don't have a hubby around anymore and had to rely only on myself; women cal solve problems without tearing everything apart [no dismantling needed!] Love your card AND your blog; thanks for the constant inspiration. Somedays I need it....

Brenda H. said...

Lovely card!
I really enjoyed your story too ... 'could feel with you each step of the way. Yah for hubby ... gotta love them!

Lynda said...

Oh is so mych fun knowing the bits that go on in ur day to day life....I did feel for you soooo much. Your cautionary take did strike a chord however....I went to wind something thru my Bug...thought I had the right s'wich...but doh....JUST managed to stop myself fm a v v similar disaster. The card is ever so cute BTW too. ooxx

Margaret said...

Oh, I am so glad your story didn't end with a broken Big Shot...that would be a truly tragic ending! I haven't done this specific thing,but I have tried punching things that apparently weren't very punchable and worried that I would be replacing my punches...

Your card is so sweet and very pretty!