Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Baby is 21!

My eldest baby is turning 21 next Saturday but we are celebrating today as she is only home over Easter. It's hard to believe so many years have gone by since she arrived in our lives ... sniff, sniff ... sometimes it seems like only yesterday (you mums will know what I mean).

Naturally there has to be a special card and the one that I am giving her is this gorgeous one I made a couple of years ago in a class with another demo, which I have been keeping for just such a special moment. I added the sentiment bits on to suit the occasion.

I also made her a decorated printer's tray full of family photos to put in her room in Melbourne. She can't hang things on her walls, so this will sit on an easel on her desk or bookcase. The colours were chosen to match with her duvet cover and I used flowers, lace, pearls and butterflies to decorate the various compartments.

I think she will like it; in fact, I'm pretty sure there will be tears - from me if not her!

Well, I'd better get back to organising the festivities. Thanks for dropping by.


PS Here's a photo of the cake!


Lynda said...

(attempt #2)
Oh Kez, what a beautiful card, gift and tribute to DD21. She has grown into a delightful young lady. Please pass on my best wishes on this most speccy of occasions. ooxx

Kathryn Brennan said...

It's all so fabulous!

Margaret said...

Your card is beautiful and the frame is such a wonderful gift! Fabulous cake too!