Sunday, December 22, 2013

Full Steampunk Ahead

Hands up those who are most definitely NOT ready for Christmas? Me too!

With DD21 home and my craft room invaded, plus the HEAT and HUMIDITY we've had all week, I have had zero crafting mojo - but plenty of things needing doing for our Steampunk theme.

I did manage to make a start on some of our theme things - a while back I bought some cheap plastic hats for us to wear as our "costume" on the day and I've since been beavering away little bits and pieces that I thought I could use to decorate them. Here are the first two I made:

This one will be for one of us girls

More masculine, the next one is for our token male (DH). Inside the frame (which I embossed with a mix of copper, gold and aged ivory embossing powders) I lavished some hot glue and then tossed in lots of tiny gadgets (this is where you LOVE your silicon mat!) - they stick out at all angles and look tres cool IRL.

And I must show you the Christmas card I received from my dear SIL the other day. She has (what she says is) the daunting task of making a card for me twice a year (can't think why that would pose a problem!) and our theme no doubt upped the anty just a little! However, she rose to the challenge like a champion and came up with this totally gorgeous centre-step card:

Isn't it fab? For someone who claims she is not "crafty" I think she has done an outstanding job.

So this morning I felt I had to sit and make SIL's Xmas card, which with my mojo being off on holidays, was a bit of a challenge, I can tell ya! This is what I managed to come up with:

And I made a circle flip card for DH. The image on the inside will appeal to his inventor's mind.

That's it for now - thanks for stopping by.



Sue Ann F. said...

I loved the hats and both the card from your SIL and your card to her. The card to your DH is cute too.

Kathryn Brennan said...

Great hats. Love both Christmas cards too! Clever ladies.

Margaret said...

These are amazing! I love Steampunk but have such a hard time putting my ideas for it to paper...