Monday, July 7, 2014

The Lemon Is In Play

WARNING: this post is completely NON craft related; it's just me and my daughter being total geeks and having a ton of fun!

Much hilarity abounded in our household today, and beyond, but I must warn you that if you are not familiar with or a fan of (although the two usually go hand-in-hand) the BBC radio show "Cabin Pressure" by the 'brilliant' John Finnemore, then this post will mean absolutely nothing to you and you can continue to go about your usual business.

If, however, you - like DD22 and myself - are avid fans of this wonderful comedic show, then you will undoubtedly appreciate the tale I am about to unfold ...

So, background story - DD22 works in Melbourne with people with disabilities and today for their outing they went to Oz ComicCon. She rang me yesterday to ask for help in choosing a costume to wear as she had some limitations, to whit: a budget of not more than $40 and only 3 hours in which to prepare anything. After discussing a few options, she decided to go as Captain Martin Crieff from Cabin Pressure in the episode with the travelling lemon (S03e01 Qikiqtarjuaq). I looked up costume places in Melbourne that had pilot hats and she would go to Savers or similar for a navy jacket. The scene was set ...

This morning I get the following photo with a text:

She was having trouble attaching the lemon to the top of the hat! Eventually she managed to get some duct/gaffer tape from a local store which did the trick. Here's her final costume:

While she was on the train going to work we exchanged a series of text messages consisting mainly of quotes (or close to, anyway) from various episodes of the show that had me in fits of giggles (I was in my craft room but apparently laughing so loud I woke DD16!!!) Here are screen shots of our exchanges - again, you need to be a fan of the show to understand what we are rambling on about:

She reported afterwards that she had two people acknowledge they recognised her costume and a few more who saw it and smiled, which she took as meaning they were also fans but too shy to say so ...


Well, that's enough geeking for now! I think I need to go listen to an episode of Cabin Pressure before I go to bed ...

Thanks for seeing it through to the end.