Monday, September 19, 2016

Me and My MISTI

DH and I had a wedding anniversary a couple of weeks ago and I cleverly managed to wangle myself a wonderful new crafting tool - a MISTI. Have you heard of these? MISTI stands for Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented - and I'm tending to agree, I have to say.

What does it do? Well, I'm going to put a couple of videos here for you to look at and see just what it does; there's a little repetition of information, but each video also gives unique ideas on what to use the tool for, so it's worth watching both.

Uh huh, see what I mean? And remember, Christmas is coming...

Thanks for dropping in.



Vicki Milyard said...

I bought one a few months back and absolutely LOVE it!! thanks for posting the videos good reminder!

Janet Miles said...

I got one at the Scrapbook expo a few months ago. I've only used it once or twice but I love it too! It is going to make me want to use the million stamps I have!

Mickie W. King said...

I'm looking for your info on customizing a hat box I found on Pinterest. Can you show me how? Regards

Kerry Bunting said...

Mickie W King - it's very difficult to respond here, please email me and include a link to the post you'd like info about and I'll do my best to help.