Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Yeast Likely

With two Kiwis and two Aussies in our family, the (mostly) good-natured rivalry between the two countries and their 'inventions' has always been a source of amusement and frustration. Pavlova, of course, is a hotly contended one.

One that hasn't ever been an issue - mainly because DH (in most un-Aussie-like fashion) hates both (in fact he calls them Black Death, lol) - is the argument between Marmite (Kiwi) or Vegemite (Aussie). Growing up in New Zealand, I always had Marmite, which is made from a slightly different recipe to the original UK version. Sources tell me it has been produced in NZ since 1919, whereas Vegemite was not developed in Australia until 1922 (as a result of a post-war shortage of the UK Marmite) and not marketed until the following year.

Yes! Kiwis for the win! They are, of course, very similar products, though I personally find Vegemite much saltier and more bitter.

Anyway, for this year's Waitangi Day card (ie New Zealand Day), DD19 suggested a Marmite card, and I thought that would be a bit of a laugh. I've put my own spin on it, naturally.

Luckily I don't have to mail this, as it stands 18cm tall and is too big for a regular sized envelope!

Materials used:
  • card - basic black, real red, daffodil delight, acetate
  • other - alphabet dies (non SU), Big Shot, large jar die (non SU), corner rounder punch, crimper, computer and printer

This version of Marmite is made solely for the Australasian market in my home town of Christchurch. In November 2011 the factory received some damage from the terrible earthquake that struck Christchurch and production was halted for a few months - causing a nationwide shortage and apparently even a Black Market for Marmite! Luckily, I buy a few jars at a time, so we managed to survive the shortage until my favourite spread was back on the supermarket shelves. Phew!

Hope you're having a happy Marmite Day wherever you are. Thanks for stopping by.


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Rob I said...

oh you Kiwis are sooooo funneeee. Marmite superior to vegemite in every way? Dream on.......