Friday, August 10, 2018

Cat Got Your Tongue? Or...fingers?

In this digital age where we're all so isolated, geographically, from each other, it's easy to lose the personal touch as well. For me and many thousands of others who 'put ourselves out there' by expressing our emotions, thoughts and feelings on a virtual page such as this, it can feel like a thankless task when you get absolutely no response from your 'audience'.

You see, it's difficult not to notice that so many of my recent posts have received no comments at all, and even a smattering of comments earlier were from my bestie alone. It used to be that there'd be a few comments of support, and that small amount of feedback nourishes the creative part of me and gives me incentive to create more. Honestly.

And I get it, I really do. I browse blogs as well and I don't always leave a comment. Sometimes the blogging platform itself makes that difficult if you have to 'sign up' to say anything. Sooooo, if an effort to make it easier for you, I've added some tick boxes at the end of each bog post - now all you have to do is simply click your mouse in one of the boxes and I'll get an idea of how much you like the card/s. But if you feel like leaving just a short message - even just to say hi from your corner of the globe - that would be wonderful and truly appreciated. In fact, why not resolve for just one day this week, this month, whatever, to leave a short comment on each and every blog you visit. You'll feel better for having reached out, won't you? For connecting with another human, even though you may never meet. And the blog owner will most definitely feel better, this I can say with complete and utter confidence.

In fact, I'm going to go blog hopping right now and spread some comment love as I go...

Here's a card to give you something to inspire box-ticking. You can even keep scrolling down and tick boxes for previous posts too - isn't technology clever?

Thanks for stopping by.



Brenda in IN said...

You are absolutely right about comments. I pop in here from time to time and never say boo. I love the card from yesterday and the cards you made for Christmas. I'm also very excited that you are getting a yacht! I am looking forward to traveling along with you on your journey. Forgive me for not commenting and consider me a new friend. Glad you posted that to wake us all up. I would love to hear from people that just drop by my blog too and never comment. I have been following you for quite a while and love your cards.

Laurie said...

Your post gave me something to think about and act upon. I'll try to leave more comments as I browse all the talent out there and get so many great ideas. I really love the card you've made with the Vivid Vases - the colours are truly "vivid" and cheerful, and the small stripe in the background is perfect. Great job!

stampingdietitian said...

Yup, we do get isolated. And I'm guilty of browsing all the cool ideas from everyone and loving them but not taking time to comment. Same thing on my blog, so yes, I'll try to take a few minutes to comment more on the cards I love.

Phyllis Strickland said...

I love the rich colors you chose for your card

Lynda said...

S'funny seeing what is done with this set, button drawn to it in the slightest. Thankfully there are clever creative souls such as yourself to use it ooxx

Karen @ Misplaced Mojo said...

I'm sorry, I never thought about it from that point of view. In my defense, I subscribe via email as I detest blog readers such as Bloglovin and others. I read and I delete. If inspired, I save as a bookmark or Pin, or more likely save into Evernote where it properly records your URL and I can search for it later by a number of factors, such as materials used, creators name, etc. I subscribe to hundreds of blogs (FOMO) and I struggle to keep from drowning in my own inbox. I even unsubscribed from a bunch after a health scare when I realized I spend more time looking at what others create than actually creating myself. In fact, I have all but stopped creating to keep up with my favorite bloggers. I think its time to reassess my time again. That said, know that myself and others are out here enjoying your work in silence. Silence does not equate to lack of appreciation. FYI, your check boxes do not carry over to your email posts. You have to click through to the full post in a browser to access them.

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