Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Going Offline and Off On Holiday

Bonjour! Comment ca va?

Okay, pardon my French, but I'm getting excited because tomorrow I'm off to France! Yes, we are finally going to take ownership of our yacht; she's currently berthed in a place called Pornic, which is in western France on the Bay of Biscay, just where the Loire river reaches the ocean.

I'm flying to Paris and having a couple of nights there before catching a train to Pornic, where hubby will meet me (he's in the Netherlands on business at the moment) and we'll get to see our boat 'in the flesh' for the first time. Excited much? Oh yeah. Mind you, it's been a good thirty-mumble-something years (ahem) since I flew to the other side of the globe, so I'm not particularly looking forward to being squished in a seat for 24 hours, but hey! totally worth it.

While I'm away, internet connection is likely to be sketchy - we don't know what facilities the marina has - so I doubt I'll be posting much, if at all. Needless to say I won't be doing any card making, lol. Rest assured, though, I'll catch you up once I get back Down Under. So while I'm gone, stay safe and happy crafting.


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Brenda in IN said...

How exciting for you! I hope you are able to keep us updated and send pictures of your new family member. Otherwise, we'll see you when you get back.

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