Monday, September 7, 2009

Hold Our Destiny

It's only a matter of a few weeks now until my darling DD17 graduates from high school - her first HSC exam is TOMORROW! - and apart from the whole getting-teary-eyed-at-the-thought business, I wanted to get started on her graduation card. The design has been floating in my head for a few weeks and I was dying to see it "in the flesh"!

She adores blue and brown and loves the Parisian Breeze papers - well, of course, who doesn't? - so that was an easy choice, luckily for me! I wanted to do a side step card but decided the regular A5 size wasn't big enough, so I doubled it up. I began with a piece 21 x 30 cm and the measurements fitted just perfectly for the steps and folds (email me if you'd like the measurements and instructions). Great Grads stamp set and some school Tilda stamps were obtained just for this and another project for DD11.

Here's the outcome

I'm thinking maybe I should add a touch of colour on the steps part too, maybe the cap and scallop circle in kiwi kiss? What do you think? Is it OK as is or does it need a touch of something on that side?
I love this side step style as you can fit so much more stamping on your card! Here I have used five stamps from the GG set, as well as two Magnolias.

I stuck pretty much with in colours for the books Tilda is sitting on and both have been stamped on watercolour paper and coloured with inks, markers and aqua painter. It looks so much more gorjus IRL, the photo really doesn't do it justice, if I do say so myself! LOL! Nothing like blowing your own trumpet, as they say!!!

Right, well, I'd better go and get something else done! Thanks for dropping by.




Cheryl said...

OH WOW fantastic!!! Your daughter is going to love it,it's perfect!!

Lynda said...

DD17 is sooooooooooooooooo gunna shed tears over this one darl. it is too beautiful for words!! Please pass on my hearfelt best wishes to her and I hope she maintains her level-headedness throughout. I will send all the positive vibes I can her way. Stay sane and breathe....BOTH of you!!!!

Chris ChChNZ said...

Good Luck with your exams DD17.

As my friend reminds me --JUST BREATHE.

Another wonderful card Kez. Thanks

Karyn I said...

what a beautiful card. I love the colour combination.