Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just a Dash

Just a quick dash in to thank Andrea and Liam for awarding me with a Stylish Blogger's Award earlier this week.

Thanks so much ladies, I am honoured to receive this. Pop over to Andrea's blog here and Liam's blog here take a look at their lovely creations.

I'm supposed to tell you 8 things about myself, but seriously am having trouble thinking up things you don't already know or that might be even vaguely interesting! I'll give it a try:
  1. the first record I bought myself (that's a stone age CD, for those of you under 30!) was ABBA
  2. I once flatted in Wembley (London), quite near to Wembley Stadium, so got to hear a few rock concerts for free!
  3. I didn't believe in single sex education until I got my first teaching job at an all girls school 
  4. From a quick count on my shelves, I own about 120 SU stamp sets! (OMG!!!)
  5. One of the nicest compliments I've received was from someone who "liked the twinkle in my eye"
  6. I won my husband in a card game
  7. I am completely hopeless at geography and science
  8. I can co-ordinate two hands to type at 70 wam but can't get them to play a piano! (go figure!)
I was also very honoured to receive another award from Cynthia and Liam (again!) - thanks so much! You can visit Cynthia's blog here to see her gorgeous work.
This blog award is for blogs that have less than 300 followers and is to be passed along to 3-5 blogs.

I'd like to pass these awards on to three ladies from my SU team who I find inspiring:

Many thanks again to Andrea, Cynthia and Liam.

Thanks for stopping by.



Lynda said...

Man it IS award season again....ain't it??? Once again I find out more subtlties abt you every time you list things....Check on the ABBA tragic, Check on geography...and ummmm you kick by butt the the # of SU sets you have...on the upside I know where I can borrow fm....LOL!! ooxx

Cynthia said...

I was just awarded a blog award myself and would like to pass it along to you today. It was the Leibster Blog Award! I just love your blog and the bunny owl card you created the other day. Go to my blog, www.inkadoodlecreations.blogspot.com and get your award and instructions on what you need to do! Again thanks for being an inspiration.

Liam said...

Hi Kerry,

dejavu. You haven't been to my blog recently obviously otherwise you would of noticed that I gave the same two awards back to you. How funny!!! thanks for nominating me again. Congrats on your award very well deserved.


Sue Dean said...

Just got home after a few days away and saw your posting. Thanks for thinking of me. Keep up all your inspirational work and I am impressed with your challenges for the Just Add Ink, I bet they were hard to do!!!

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

You are such a hoot! Loved reading about your "8 things". Hugs xxaxx