Tuesday, February 28, 2012

One O or Two

This post is completely non craft related but read on if you have a sweet tooth!

Last year my DD19  - who you may recall goes to uni in Melbourne - began raving about something called Macarons. Never having heard of macarons, I assumed she meant Macaroons and was a bit surprised as she doesn't like dessicated coconut. On a visit she took me to buy and try said macarons and so I received an education about these "new" type of sweet delight.

Here's a photo of the two, macaroon to the left and macaron on the right:

The two taste vastly different. Research tells me that this French confection has been traced back to Catherine de' Medici when she married Henry II of France in 1533! 

In Melbourne we buy from a gorgeous little shop called La Belle Miette and their macarons are to die for! Here's their display:

You can buy them individually or in a box and the box is almost as wonderful as the biscuits  so I can't see how you could resist! Here's the little gem that was brought back for us yesterday after returning DD to her studies:

The flavours are Raspberry, Pink Grapefruit and Lemon.

Now I have tasted a macaron from a certain coffee franchise with the initials GJ and let me tell you their macarons are SAWDUST compared to those from La Belle Miette, so if you are in the Melbourne area or will be visiting Melbourne any time soon, make sure you go to LBM and try these out - I promise you, you will not be sorry.

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Trish *Spring Blossom* said...

WOW Kerry you've got my mouth watering!!! They look delicious :)

Patrice said...

I'm a macaroon girl through and through. LOVE coconut. I've tried a few of the new 'old' version of macaron and they just don't do it for me. Love all the pretty colours though.

Andrea said...

mmm... we tasted these macarons while in Melbourne last year and they are yum. My niece bought a bigger box than that but had eaten most of them by the time we left the shop so she had to buy another.

Sue Dean said...

I don't know how good they taste but I would go there just to get one of those lovely boxes!!! I will put this on my must visit list and maybe they could franchise out to Sydney!

Leigh said...

Yep, Kerry, that is the same shop that Jane Norrish and I visited while in Melbourne last year. Absolutely delicious and I wish I could get the same macarons up here.

Rob I said...

can I have the box, pretty please????? No use in asking for the contents as well as I know they would have been scoffed within minutes. Arent all the colours in the shop gorjuss?

Leslie Hanna said...

I had one of these (with 1 'o') last year, and it was tasty. What a beautiful display and packaging!

Ruthy said...

Before seeing this my recollection of Macarons was watching my daughter eldest one, trying to make an empressive batch for a work do, after 3 attempts and an unsatisfied (according to her) result, she pegged them all in the bin (glad she was paying for the ingredients), but this shop sounds like a place on the must do list when next we visit Melbourne LOL! I love the box - figures hey us stationary/paper enthusiasts :-)