Monday, May 18, 2009


Regular visitors may recall these mini backpacks I made for my girls when they went back to school at the beginning of the year. DD17 has kindly lent me hers to use as a sample for workshops, but DD-almost-11 has found a sweet and novel use for hers ....

As you know, my younger daughter has type 1 diabetes and in February began on an insulin pump. Something that has been a part of her everyday life is always having with her, her blood glucose testing kit and some fast acting carbohydrates in case of a hypo. She carries these around in a little backpack (in her favourite green!).

So, today I found sitting in the lounge, a favourite teddy of DD10s, together with her lovely new accessories ...

The mini backpack is now a copy of DD10s, and the little cardboard box is teddy's "insulin pump" complete with infusion set and cannula inserted in her tummy. Pulls at my heartstrings, I gotta tell ya.

Have a wonderful day everyone.


Lynda said...

*sniff sniff* it got me too. Shows that she has a v good insight into her condition and treatment as well as showing she has adjusted very well. Ur heart should be brimming with pride darl.

Mary said...

This is so sweet. One like this should be given to every child that is getting the pump. When my son had cancer they used dolls to show the little kids what was going to happen to them when they were in the hospital.

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