Friday, May 15, 2009

Inspiration comes to she who waits

Unusually for me - most unusually in fact - there's a stamp set I've had for quite a while and not inked up until today! I know! It's incredible! And I broke my own New Rubber Rule!!! But the set is sooooooo gorgeous and I was sadly lacking in inspiration for how to do it justice. Which one is it, you ask? Friends 24/7, another of Shelli's Signature Collection.

Then I was looking at this card on Marelle's blog and the way she used the damask stamp and 'here for you' stamp as a background, stamped at random and overlapped, finally gave me inspiration.

Created by Kez. Stamped images ©1990-2009 Stampin' Up! ®

I stamped on linen textured cardstock, which gives it almost a fabric look, and used plenty of sponging around the edges to give even more of an antique air. The font style of the sentiment fits in nicely with the look I was after, as do the colours of pale plum, perfect plum and basic grey. Finally, a card I am happy with for my first inking of this set! Hope you like it too!


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