Saturday, September 19, 2009

Me and My Big Mouth

Being the sweet, generous, kind and thoughtful person that I am (YILM!) I said to DD17 the other night to let me know if she wanted me to make any Thank You cards. I was thinking there might be one or two teachers that she would like to give one to when she graduates (less than 2 weeks now!)

She asked for 10!

Me and my big mouth! So I began working on Thank You cards, which have to of course be all different to each other! This is my first batch:

Back again in a day or two with the next batch!



Lynda S said...

Kez, these are amazing. I love them. The nature theme is wonderful. U do things like this for DD17 cause u love her...and prob wld have made extra even if even if she had asked for a few!! Make sure she writes them however...otherwise that wld be TOO MUCH!!! The bullrush is my immediate fave but the other 2 are amazing as well!! take care ooxx

Anonymous said...

Letting your teachers know that you appriciate what they have done and prepared you for that final big exam is very special. And as a teacher you always wonder if they end up persuing what they wanted. Most teachers do care about their students. I am sure that your will love these and will keep them forever. I still have all the cards kids have given me over the past 14 years of teaching. Filomena

Karyn I said...

beautiful cards again Kez. Inspired by nature it one of my favourite stamp sets at the moment!

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