Friday, December 11, 2009

Grunge Rock

Today's card is so far out of my comfort zone that I've got a nose bleed!!! LOL! Well, OK, not really, if you absolutely have to be literal, but figuratively speaking!

It's a gradutation card for DD11, who is deeply into lime green. I had bought some lime green with black spots card a while back and luckily discovered I also had an ink pad that matched pretty well, so I could colour plain white to make it green and I set to work! Decided to use Just Jawing (which she loves) as well as Great Grads and then the card just evolved all on its own really! I've called the look Grunge Rock, which DD17 scoffs at, but what the hey! Take a lookie:

Created by Kez. Stamps copyright Stampin' Up!
I'm pretty sure DD11 will love it! Thanks for dropping in today and have a great weekend.


Lynda said...

I can now see the keyboard clearly now I have removed the sunglasses fm my eyes!!! Wowsers luvvy....This is a FAB card and one for the pictorial record book!!! DD 11 will def go nuts...and don't worry abt DD17....U'll get a lot of that sorta reaction now...LOL!! Any vibrant colour and black works so well and this is a classic example!! So v v well done. I am proud of you!! ooxx

Bec said...

wow.. this is stunning.. such striking colours.. bec xx

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