Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Blonde Moment ... Well, A Blonde Year Really!

So I was sitting in my lounge yesterday with DD11, waiting for a turn on the laptop and admiring today's first card, when a thought suddenly struck me. So Saffron has long been becoming one of my favourite SU colours and I finally realised why - it's the colour on my lounge room walls!!! Talk about taking a while for the penny to drop, LOL! I can only blame the abundance of grey hairs on my head that seem to have affected the brain cells as well :)

Anyways, the card uses the purple/yellow/green combo again, this time with So Saffron, Perfect Plum and a hint of Mellow Moss. I have used the crayon resist technique, which takes me back to the very first time I met my upline, Marelle, at a workshop! Mind you, I'm a bit out of practice so it took me three tries to get one I was happy with! And as I still seem to be in the Keep It Simple, Stamper mode, it is a very straightforward card - cos sometimes, simple is best.
Then the set Bloom Away beckoned me - might be something to do with the Australia Day card I showed you earlier in the week! So I coloured in some gorgeous gum blossoms and as I wanted to keep them the focus, the rest of the card is again very simple.

Created by Kez. Stamped images ©1990-2010 Stampin' Up! ®

Thanks for dropping in. Hope your brain cells are working better than mine!




Karyn Schultz said...

Hi Kez, I like so saffron also - I think it is a colour often overlooked. Lovely card - i love the colour combination!

Karyn Schultz said...

lovely card kez - great colour combo, I love so saffron also!

Liam said...

I love the top card. So simple but love the colour combos. You have done some wonderful colour choices lately.


Lynda said...

So LURVE the Saff card Kez. Perhaps the realisation of the walls was the reason it took 3 goes for the card....(Sorry) ;)It looks magical tho Kez and you should be v v proud of the result. KISS cards are v v under-rated but I love them. The Bloom card is also striking in its simplicity. The colours are v v Aussie..and of course the colouring is FAB!!
Can't vouch for the fact that my brain cells are any better than urs..but ur creative side is kickin' serious bootie!! Glad you liked the award. ooxx