Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yay Lana

Here are the items we made in class today - but a warning! Rampant use of BOLD BRIGHTS! LOL!

I've long wanted to do an Ipod card so I was looking forward to this one and I even checked with DD17 which colour is the most popular. I have to say I am not really very happy with this card though; it's lacking Zing in my opinion, but the girls say it's great and I had no time to change it anyway ... the ladies used red or yellow instead of green and it looked better, I think.

Another cup card, which are great fun to do, this time with limes and a strawberry. The layout was inspired in part by a card by Carrie Rhoades. I nearly had to abandon this one as I was having ONE OF THOSE DAYS yesterday when I was preparing. You know what it's like: ideas don't pan out, nothing goes right, things are crooked, you can't find your Dazzling Diamonds! Grrrrrrrrrrr! Still, finally it all came together and I love the card, so all's well! LOL!

And last but not least a darling little watering can. When I showed the first one I made (see post here) everyone said they thought it was really big, but it's only 9 cm (less than 3 1/2 inches) high! Sooooo cute! This time I stamped with my Forever Flowers wheel and used flowers from Together Forever to decorate. I was feeling girly, so added lace, ribbon and pearls to pretty it up (excuse the messy desk tho, LOL!).

Created by Kez. Stamped images ©1990-2010 Stampin' Up! ®

And to make the day even better - not only a day spent crafting with my besties, but DD17 passed her P plates! Yay! Hope you've had a great day too.




Lynda said...

Woo hoo...and congrats to DD17. Hopefully she has her head screwed on the right way....after another tragedy in the news tonight. With Mum in her ear...I'm sure she'll be a FAB driver.
The cards are brilliant Kez. I thought the iPod one had a slightly masculine feel to it...but that's me. The cup card...well u know how much I love it....and the wee watering can...it's in the crypt...and yet again another guilty reminder that I have to get it out and give it a go!!! LOL!! Hope the insanity has abandoned ur domain. ooxx

Bec said...

love these creations Kez.. Bec xx

Liam said...

Love the Ipod. I wanted to do this card for ages as well but I think you did a fantastic job and I love the colour combo suits the youngsters real well. Did I hear right P plates congrats! but scary too all at the same time.