Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Paper Roses

Boy, that header takes me back!

Do you mind a little digression? Let me take you down Memory Lane a few decades (and we won't count exactly how many decades, cos that's a little scary!) to the time when I was in my early teens. A computer took up a whole room, we used manual typewriters to type on and most families only needed one income and one car. David Cassidy and Donny Osmond were slugging it out for most popular teen singing idol for girls like me to drool over! I really liked Donny the best but I pretended to like David most (sorry Donny!) because my best friends liked him (oh, the power of peer pressure!). We had a kid a year ahead of me in high school who unfortunately looked just like Donny - not that Donny wasn't cute (cos he was, and still is in a way) - but it must have been incredibly frustrating to have girls chase him and point at him all the time! Poor guy.

Well, we watched good wholesome shows on TV like Disney, Little House on the Prairie and - of course - Donny and Marie. Little bit country and a little bit rock 'n roll! And Marie Osmond had a hit called Paper Roses. Yes folks, we finally made it back to what triggered off my mind wander in the first place, LOL!

Anywhooo, today I finally got around to trying out the paper flowers made using the scallop circle punch. I watched a video, just to make sure it really was as easy as everyone said (which it is) then had a go. I used three different shades of pink card - pink pirouette, pretty in pink and regal rose. Take a lookie:

Created by Kez. Stamped images copyright Stampin' Up! 1990-2010

Aaawwwwwwwww, pretty! Thanks for dropping in today; hope you didn't mind my little wander down the deep dark recesses of my memory ....


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Lynda said...

Feel free to reminise Kez darl...I recall the song too...and I am a tad younger than you!! This techy is in the crypt for me, but I LURVE your flower (and sorry, I am ignoring the pink...hee hee hee). Great layout to feature the flower. Well done oh decaded one!! ooxx

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