Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Easel Calendar Drawer thingies

DD11 came along to class today while my Lana ladies made easel calendar drawer thingies, so she had a go too using her fav bold brights and some small remnants I had of Kaleidoscope designer papers. And as I had a sample partially made up so I could demo the cutting and taping bits, I made another too for DH to sit on his office desk. He has some robotic machinery so I thought he'd enjoy some broken down bots!

Here's DD11's lovely one:

Unfortunately her mum (silly me!) forgot to cut the square piece for the front of the easel card, so that's why her green piece is smaller! I think it looks good that way!

And this is the one I made for DH:
I have another class making these on Sunday, so I'll have to make another sample one - hmmm, who should I make that one for? You want one?

Thanks for dropping in; hope it's a beautiful day wherever you are.



Paula Fuller said...

These are so cool. Love the Lot's of Bots one.

Lynda said...

Kez I so love this project and I am still drooling over the damn handles fm the 1st time u showed them!!! I love the bots one (I inked up my bots for the 1st time Y'day) and am desp awauting the Vin Vogue!!). DD 11's progect is Brilliant and pls pass on my sincere adoration to her!! How cool wld these be for teachers at Chrissy?? In total awe of you (again)!! ooxx

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