Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Quick and Simple

The card I made last night was inspired by none other than Linda Ronstadt (Queen of Rock in my day).

OK, I can see you're confused. Well, on Sunday I was driving back from Melbourne all by myself and to keep myself awake and, let's face it, amused, I was singing along to some music ... yes, yes, I was singing quite loudly! But I had the windows up to protect other drivers! (At least one of the perks of driving by yourself is that you get to listen to ALL your own CDs and don't have to "share" with teens!) On one of my mixed compilations was an old favourite by Linda called Blue Bayou. Hands up those who remember it!

Now can you see where this is going? That's right (top marks!), I dragged out last year's in colour Blue Bayou to team up with Baja Breeze on a very quick and simple card using my new fav punch, the 2 step bird. Take a lookie:
Non SU product used - adhesive pearl

OMG, that's so cute, I hear you say - I know! sometimes I even amaze myself!!!! LOL! And here's the inside:
No, don't keep looking down here for more - that's all, just a quick one - this post is called Quick and Simple you know!


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Lynda said...

Wowsers Kez...this card is magical!!! Gotta LURVE that private tune time in the car...and look what it inspires you to do!!! I am still not 100% sold ont he bird punch...but I am getting there..LOL. This card is so elegant in it's simplicity!! Brilliant!! (I'm comin' back one day.....Come what may on Blue Bayou!!!...not u got me going!!) ooxx ..with those fishin' boats.....(damn you!)