Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More Photos from Sunday

Here are a few more photos of my lovely helpers at the Cards for our Troops day on Sunday. (excuse the names being in odd places, I can't get this silly program to do what I want!)


 Jenny and Maureen

You can see I kept them all working hard! LOL! Actually, they worked soooooo hard that I gave them all an "early mark"! Yes, that's right, we had everything finished ahead of schedule! How's that for dedication?

In all of these photos you'll see a little white bag with handles. Each lady received a Thank You bag of goodies from me - I do have photos but am having real computer issues at the moment and can't upload them from my camera. I'll get them up asap.

It was a great day and I'm already looking forward to next year's event!


Edited to add: Here's a photo of the goodies in the thank you bags - an owl giant paper clip bookmark, mini milk carton with ribbon samples, calendar fridge magnet and Smarties tube (kindly made for me by Robyn). This one seems to be empty - don't know how that happened!!!

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Liam said...

It was a great day and you put soo much effort into it. It was a great success. Hip hip hooray Kerry. When's the next one?


The photos look great. I am glad you listened to Robyn about photos.


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