Monday, December 6, 2010

Boxes and Bags

I have a class tonight making Christmas Gift Boxes and Bags, so I've been busy as a beaver making up samples to show just a few of the lovely things you can make. We won't be making all of these, but they are great for inspiration. Some of these are things that have been on my "Must Do" list for quite some time, so it's been great to finally get around to trying them!

One that I've been meaning to do for while is a Fantasy or Stepper box, so here's my first attempt. Much easier than it looks, luckily!

I also made an acetate box at last, which unfortunately was NOT easier than it looks - in fact I found it quite fiddly, so although it looks good, it won't be on the list for my class to make!

The Haute Tote bag we made for Mother's Day looks terrific in Kerry Cobbler Xmas paper.

One thing I had to try out is a carrier for the mini milk cartons - soooo cute! Love these little cartons! You can do a two or a four!

The Xmas Stocking box always looks good and especially in this year's papers:

Of course a gift card holder never goes astray and this is a different one to what I've used before. I dragged out some retired Purely Pomegranate card and papers and they look gorgeous with the crochet trim.

The old bag in a box (or is it box in a bag?) is a firm favourite - so simple to make and you can vary the size up or down.

Box #2 is terrific for little things and you can join two together to make a little carrier too:

And of course you can just do regular boxes in many variations to suit your needs:

Hope you're having fun making your own gift containers for pressies - if you'd like me to bring this class to your place, just let me know. Thanks for stopping by.



Patrice said...

Wow all those fantastic boxes...they look terrific! Wish I could come to a class and make some of these :o)

Lynda said...

I KNEW you'd like makeing the stepper boxes....told you they were easy!! Yours looks BRILLIANT!!!! The Haute Tot bag looks v v swish and the milk carton holders look AMAZING!!!! Great to see purely Pomegranate again too!!! Your boxes ROCK!! GORJUS!!!!

AGohl said...

Beautiful bags!

Laura W. said...

These are so great and fun! I haven't seen the milk carton carrier with just 2 before ... did you create that yourself, or is there a template? I'm thinking of making those for holiday neighbor gifts, but 4 seems excessive. :)

Thanks for sharing, too cute!

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Thanks for sharing the milk carton link. I imagine you were inundated with friends wanting to do these classes! Hugs xxaxx

Sue Dean said...

I would have loved that class. When I saw the photo, I thought OMG you locked everyone in and didn't let them leave for days. I am sure that they all wanted to make everything.
Love them all!!!!

Sabine said...

I would appreciate it a lot, if you could bring this class to our place, but I am not sure whether you would like to come. It is a bit far away :-) Too bad for me.

Heather T said...

Wow, Kerry, all your clever boxes and bags are so impressive, I will just bookmark this post and come back here for all my packaging inspiration.

subbu raj said...

All the boxes having wonderful designs.

Gift Bags and Boxes

debbie tate said...

Lovely. I wish i could get a template for the haute tote. I live in Jamaica.