Sunday, December 5, 2010

Kerry Cobbler goodies!

Hi all! Well, last post I showed you the things I had made for my Secret Santa recipient, so today here are the things that I received from my SS. I had asked for anything Cherry Cobbler, cos as you know I am ever-so-slightly keen on this GOR-JUS colour! In fact, some of my friends reckon we should rename it Kerry Cobbler!!!! ROFLOL!

So my SS - who turned out to be Katie - stepped up to the plate and cleverly wrapped and packaged a number of KC items. She even used lots of KC for wrapping, bless her! Here they are:

Some Kerry Cobbler cardstock and a lovely box that houses a KC marker:

The small box has a KC re-inker inside, there are Regals brads (including KC of course!) and the clever girl even managed to find some KC M&Ms!!!! LOL!

Aren't I a lucky girl? Lots of KC goodies to keep my fix going for a while! Thanks, Katie, I will have LOTS of fun using these beauties!

I'll be back tomorrow with some gift boxes and bags. Stay sane till then!!!


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Lynda said...

I had a real giggle at KC. I think you are a v v luck lass to get such wonderful gifts. Can't wait to see what you make fm them. By my (very rough) calcs...u shd JUST have enuf Cobbler to get u thru to new year's....right?? ooxx