Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Paddy's

Happy St Patrick's Day to all the Irish out there!

DD18 is rather fond of a Guinness and has a fav Irish pub near to uni, so as it's her first year where she's officially allowed to celebrate with a drink, I thought I'd make her a special little St Paddy's something.

So anyways, I made a milk carton treat - one of the big ones from Becky Roberts' tutorial - with my first Irish owl. He's a cute little chappie in his tall hat! Inside the milk carton are lollies - green ones, of course.

Thanks for stopping by and "Top o' the Morning To You"!



Cheryl said...

Oh so darn cute,love what you do with these punches......hmmm might be casing a few!!! LOVE IT!!

anne Lana member said...

Love it !! You are so clever

Jess said...

that is just too cute... love your little owls

Lynda said...

Darl'n you and these owls are just magical. DD18 will love this to bits!! Perhaps an owl league of nations is on the have NZ, Aust, and now Ireland covered!! Hope you have a brautifully green day. ooxx