Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bunny Sweetness

Is that a cute bunny or what? It's made from the top note die and punches and this is the gorgeous box I got in the Easter Swap from my swapee, Theresa. Here is another photo with the card and tag that came with it:

The card has a sweet treat cup tummy and the arm on the right holding the carrot flavoured heart is how you get the treats out. It pulls out to open a door at the back. I am so tickled to get one of these because I am absolutely USELESS at these sweet treat cup thingies and the whole magic opening and sliding door thing - honestly, just hopeless! Just too scientific for my simple brain ...

By the time these yummies arrived, one of the card bunny's eyelids had gone missing, so it looks like he is winking at me, LOL! It is awfully difficult having chocolate sitting there though and knowing it is nearly a week until Easter ..........!

Thanks to Theresa for such lovely gifts and thanks to you for stopping by.



Lynda said...

I think I have the tute for the bunny card somewhere if ur's a Dawn Griffiths one. The bunny box is too cute and looks like it has a lot of 'attitude!!'. Well done Teresa on a fab pressie for Miss Kerry. ooxx

Carla Bazhenow said...

How sweet!!! I love your bunny! Hugs,