Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm Being Secretive

I've had a few people comment to me that I haven't had much up on my blog in the last couple of weeks - well, there are two very good reasons for that! Firstly, I've been picking up a few extra hours here and there at work and also, the things I have been crafting are Top Secret!

On Sunday some friends and I are getting together for a play day we're calling Unconvention, as we didn't go to the SU Convention. I am making two projects plus some swaps, so what little crafting time I've had has been busy working on those and they are secrets until Sunday.

If you are able to come back here on Sunday you will be able to see what I've been hiding away - not without much difficulty, I must say! It's hard not to show you things as I love to share ideas. I will have three posts that day, beginning with my swaps and then my two projects, so if you're interested, pop on by. Those who know me can safely bet on two things: there will be owls and there will be kerry cobbler!

Until then, have a good week!



Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Now that sounds intriguing! I am sure they are worth the wait! Hugs xxaxx

Lynda said...

Nice to see the magic of the owl amulet is still firing on al cylinders. I look v much fwd to seeing your marvellous creations. Wld be SOOO disappointed if owls and cobbler were not a part of SKB....Secret Kerry Business!! ooxx