Sunday, July 3, 2011

I Couldn't Believe My Eyes ... er, Nose

I was in my favourite LSS yesterday, just browsing (as you do) when something caught my eye. When I took a closer look, I could NOT believe it and had to immediately put the product in my basket. Then I couldn't wait to get out to the car and check it out ... and to get home to make a card with it.

What caused this fever of excitement, you may ask? (And probably are, LOL!)

Well, I found some Scratch and Sniff stickers that SMELL LIKE CHOCOLATE!!!! Yes, you read that right, but I'll repeat it just so's you know you are not imagining it - they really and truly actually do SMELL LIKE CHOCOLATE.

Seriously, it would have been a crime against confectionery if I had not bought those stickers! And when I took them out of the pack and took a sniff ... well! Mmmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmmmmmmmm! "And that's all I have to say about that", as Forest Gump would say.

They did have other flavours - er, smells - pizza, ice cream, popcorn and peanut butter - but I didn't pay those ones too much never mind, as I was only concerned with the CHOCOLATE SMELLING ones! Naturally, the Eat Chocolate set came immediately to mind (I could not in all conscience call myself a compulsive obsessive paper crafter if it did not) and I rushed right home to make a card. And another.

Wanna see?

Mmmm, chocolate (drool, drool)! The only problem with these delectable goodies is that I now have the dilemma of
  • something that LOOKS like chocolate, and
  • SMELLS like chocolate, but
  • is NOT chocolate and therefore cannot be sacrificed on the altar of my chocolate craving! 
The solution? Well, it's obvious really. I must give these to a friend who loves chocolate as much as me, so that she too will be driven crazy by the "you can smell me but can't eat me" chocolateyness! After all, what are friends for?!!!


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Lynda said...

Mmmmmmmmmm...I can smell them fm here!!! Just cause I do not indulge antmore....don't mean I still don't enjoy the odd sniff!!! I feel sorry for the poor tormented postie who has to deliver these fabbo scented cards...LOL. they turned out so well darl'n. Hope all is well in ur world. Sorry I have not been by much. Crazy is on ffwd ATM...I am in S'pore at Tracey's. IDDM being MAJOR PITA!!!!! Love and hugs to all. ooxx

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