Thursday, September 22, 2011

Daffodil Delight For Sue

While we were away on our craft weekend there were a couple of challenges, one of which was a colour challenge using daffodil delight, early espresso and whisper white. I thought the colours look fantastic together but my friend Sue found them an incredible challenge as she hates daffodil delight!

Here's the card I came up with, a Christmas card in these very non-traditional colours. I borrowed the new Merry and Bright set:

What do you think? Are you a traditional-colours-for-Xmas-only kind of person or do you welcome the challenge of non-Xmas-related colours? I know my DD19's answer to that one already, LOL! She's a red-and-green-for-Xmas gal all the way!

Thanks for stopping by.



leslie (crookedstamper) said...

I'm non-traditional all the way, baby! LOVE the yellow, and the shading is wonderful!

Lynda said...

I am leaning towards the more non tead colours myself...altho if u had asked me a year or so ago I wld have been in DD19's corner no fear. I can't say I am a massiv Yellow fan....having said that tho...the card rocks!!! Guess I am still dipping my festive toe in the browns and blues end atm...hee hee hee. ooxx

sweet said...

Hi Kez, I'm your newest follower. You have such great creations. I love it!

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