Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Know, I Know

Some of my ladies tell me it's a bit disappointing when they look on my blog and I haven't posted a new card - well, they won't be happy with me at the moment, then, as it's been a whole week since my last one! But I have a number of good excuses:

  1. It's the last two weeks of the semester at work and I've got tons of assessments to plan, mark and record.
  2. We went away last weekend, so I missed three whole days' opportunity to stamp.
  3. DD19 came home from uni on Tuesday, so I've been spending time with her.
So I haven't had much time to craft, but I have got something to share - some photos from our weekend away. We went to the Warbirds Down Under air show at Temora as part of the birthday present I gave DH. For DH and myself it was a touch of nostalgia, but for DD13 it was a whole new experience - and luckily, she thoroughly enjoyed it.

Hubby's favourite was the Super Constellation named Connie - here she is:

But for me the scene stealers were the Harvards as they took me back to my childhood growing up on air force bases all around New Zealand. I must admit to a lump in my throat as it made me miss my folks, but it was great to see that little plane and its kiwi emblem.

I promise to try and be back real soon with some craft related stuff!

Thanks for dropping in.


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Lynda said...

Nice to know that ur Hubby's next best crush is so big with massive thrust Kerry!!!! Hope ur maintaining ur sanity with last semester insanity. Sending hugs n kisses. ooxx ( the new blog beautiful. ooxx)

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