Sunday, November 27, 2011

Floral Feast

Today is the last class for the year and my ladies chose a veritable feast of pretty, feminine flower cards to make. Here's the group:

You've seen these two before, which both use Parlour Prints in the background:

Fabulous Florets, coming soon in the Summer mini.

Field Flowers, a gorgeous 2-step set.

And this one is a re-working of this card, made to fit a standard size envelope.

With the sun back out at last after more than a week of grey skies and endless rain, the floral cards are just right to get us back into Spring mode!

Thanks for stopping by.



Leigh said...

Beautiful, just beautiful.

Lynda said...

My kind of floral pollens!!!!! The more I see of Firld Flowers the harder it is to resist!!! I LURVE the vintage feel of the last card. Can only imagine a fantastic time was had by all. ooxx

Cindy Beach said...

Oh whatnks so much beauties all three are, Kerry! My fav is the one with the satin bow.

Thanks so much for your comment to my blog today. I agree with you!

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