Friday, December 2, 2011

Free At Last!

Yay! Although I've got a couple of staff meetings next week, all my TAFE classes have finished for the year and assessment results are in the computer and locked! Card classes are taking a break too so that leaves me free to get stuck into my Christmas cards and decorations. It feels good! Mind you, I've got sooooooo much to do .... might have to find some sweet teenage elves to do the usual pre-Christmas clean up while I craft! What do you think my chances are? Yeah, I'm not holding my breath, LOL!

Anyways, here are some pics of the project I got made today. My friend Rob came over to (a) help me celebrate my freedom and (b) do some crafting with new goodies, so we had a ball playing and laughing and bouncing ideas off each other.

We made Advent Calendars! Rob had pre-made the base boxes with the dividing sections in and had punched out the little boxes using the petal card double punch. We stamped the images (from an SU set called 25 and Counting - not released here) and after a little colouring here and there, punched them out with the 1" square punch, then stuck them on to the petal square bases. Fine gold cord was attached to use for opening them (or you could use a brad) and then they were stuck on.

Here's a closer view of my one:

And here's Rob's:

The best part was shopping for the goodies to put inside the little boxes! Here's a shot of mine with a box open to see the chocolatey yummy inside:

It was a lot of work but so fun and so worth it - and of course, all the more fun to share it with a friend :)

Hope you've had some jolly crafting in your day too. Thanks for stopping by.



Susan Joyce said...

Fantastic project Kerry, looks fabulous.

Narelle said...

Amazing project Kez, 10/10. enjoy the treats inside too.

Juliette Chapman said...

These look awesome Kerry. Had hoped I would get around to making one like this, this year but alas no time. Will make one for next year. Enjoy your crafting time and I hope the teenage elves help with the pre Christmas clean up - they should!!

Lynda said...

Yippee and congrats to you....breate in that non angst ridden student air!!! I love both yours and Rob's projects....are there any treats left...or plenty for refils??? These look like a lot of fun. ooxx

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