Monday, November 28, 2011

Dear Spammers

To those who constantly leave spam in my comments: please leave my blog alone.

I most emphatically do NOT want information about sexual organs or aids, pharmaceutical products, online dating services, Columbian web design companies, casinos, long distance telephone calls or Taiwan nanny agencies.

I just want to make cards and share them with other people who also like to make cards.

It is seriously disheartening to find that 50% or more of the comments I receive on this blog are completely unrelated to card making or papercraft in any form. I don't want to have to put word verification on here because I know it puts people off commenting and I love to receive comments  - about my cards, that is.

I am pretty sure that somewhere out there in cyberspace there are people who would be genuinely interested in your products (sadly) but I AM NOT ONE OF THEM.

Just go away and leave me alone, I beg you.

Edited to add: I do have comment approval settings on, I just hate getting all this spam in my email inbox and having to delete them, I'd rather not get them in the first place!


Patrice said...

I've had a few on my blog lately too Kerry. Pain in the a@#.

Julie M. said...

Word verification is not a determining factor for commenting to me. I would still comment when I felt that I had something relevant to say that hadn't already been said. If you feel you need to turn it on...go ahead...imo...(-:

Lynda said...

Hugs to you....please know I am a frequent commenter and a big fan!!!! people who do such crap shd find another occupation!!!

Karen said...

Sorry to hear this Kerry, it really is disheartening when things like that happen,I mean these people just need to get a life.